Bridgewater Police Swear in 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient as Honorary Member

A four-year-old boy from Bridgewater, New Jersey was sworn in as an honorary member of the Bridgewater Police on April 10, 2013, according to an article posted on The boy has a rare form of cancer known as Burkitt’s Leukemia and is fascinated with police officers.

The boy met members of the Bridgewater Police Benevolent Association 174 in December when they were delivering toys to St. Peter’s Children’s Hospital. The association has been delivering toys to the hospital since 2006 as part of the Child Life Program. When they learned of the child’s interest in the police, they decided to make him an honorary “member” of the force.

During the ceremony at a municipal courtroom, the boy was presented with a Proclamation from the Mayor that honored him as a police officer for the day. Additionally, he was presented with a Bridgewater Police Department uniform shirt, and was sworn in with two newly hired police officers. Afterwards, he took a tour of the police headquarters and drove in a police car.

All types of cancer require immediate and skilled diagnosis and treatment. However, this may be even more important for children whose prognosis may be additionally adversely affected by delayed diagnosis and treatment.  Proper treatment will give children the best chance possible to recover from their illnesses and grow to adulthood. Should a healthcare provider misdiagnose, fail to diagnose, fail to diagnose in a timely manner or provide improper or ineffective treatment, serious and possibly fatal complications could result.

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