Attorney David Fried Obtains $475,000 Settlement in New Jersey Birth Injury Case

David M. Fried, a partner with the New Jersey personal injury law firm Blume Forte, obtained a $475,000 settlement on behalf of a young girl who suffers from Erb’s Palsy as the result of medical negligence on the part of the obstetrician during birth. At the time this lawsuit was brought, the obstetrician was no longer practicing, but through comprehensive investigation, Mr. Fried was able to determine under which insurance carrier the obstetrician was covered.

It was established that the girl’s initial injury was sustained during delivery when the obstetrician applied excessive traction to resolve an instance of shoulder dystocia, which occurs when the baby’s shoulder becomes trapped behind the mother’s pubic bone during birth. In order to free the shoulder without injury to the brachial plexus nerves (controlling the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand), a doctor or midwife is supposed to use specific maneuvers to free the trapped shoulder, as well as avoid using excessive force.

In this particular case, the obstetrician’s negligence in freeing the trapped shoulder resulted in injury to the brachial plexus nerves, which resulted in the girl’s limited function of her hand, arm, and shoulder, a condition known as Erb’s Palsy. Mr. Fried consulted medical and vocational experts in order to establish the extent of the damages in this case.

If your child has suffered injury as the result of a doctor’s inappropriate resolution of shoulder dystocia or any other form of medical negligence, the experienced New Jersey shoulder dystocia attorneys at Blume Forte can determine whether you may have a meritorious claim. Contact us at 973-845-4421 for a no-cost consultation.

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