Asbestos Dump Could Alter the Landscape

According to The Observer-Dispatch, a New Jersey man has been found guilty of illegally dumping 60 million pounds of asbestos at a Frankfort, New York farm field. The 55-year-old Norwood, New Jersey man admitted to obtaining a false state permit for dumping the toxic substance, which is a known carcinogenic. According to federal and state law, asbestos may only be disposed of in government-approved facilities.

It has not been reported whether anyone has become ill from asbestos exposure within the vicinity of the illegal dumping. Those who were exposed to the asbestos have a right to seek compensatory damages from the company that dumped the toxic material in the field. Any company that exposes the public to dangerous conditions can be held liable for damages due to injuries that such exposure brings about. Similarly, for employees who work with dangerous materials, it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that their workers are properly trained, are afforded reasonable safety precautions necessary to reduce the risk of injury, and are not placed in a situation where they may be unnecessarily exposed toxic or other dangerous materials.

Authorities claim to have neutralized the site of the illegal dumping in Frankfort. However, it is still important that residents be monitored to ensure that serious health conditions do not arise as the result of the presence of the asbestos. If it is determined or suspected that illness was caused by the negligent behavior of an individual or company, then legal counsel skilled in exposure cases should be consulted in order investigate the victim’s potential claim.

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