8 Ways to Enjoy the Indoors During Winter

Winter is still going strong in New Jersey. With temperatures still expected to dip below freezing, going outside for more than a few minutes isn’t an option for many.

If you are trying to find something to do while snowed in with limited options, the legal team at Blume Forte knows just how boredom can set in when trapped inside due to inclement weather.

There are many ways to make being stuck at home fun during this “unending” winter, here are five ways to make your days fun.

  1. Get Outside – It may be cold out, but you can’t stay cooped up day after day. Try to get out when the weather is nicest and go for a walk, visit some shops or run errands if the road conditions are not hazardous, or go somewhere that is actually more beautiful because of the winter weather. Have some fun in the snow, but make sure to dress warmly.
  2. Catch Up On Reading – You may be tempted to sit in front of the TV all day, but reading a book can be a much more satisfying investment of your time. Get cozy and comfortable and pour a few hours into the novel you have been trying to finish or have been meaning to start. Fewer distractions mean a more enjoyable read.
  3. Have a Movie Marathon – If you are a big movie fan, this is the perfect time to indulge and get away with it! Whether you are trying to catch up on all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees or want to relive your favorite film moments, you have the chance now. Coordinate with friends, select the movies beforehand, and get all the snacks ready to make the most of this cinematic event. Marathon sessions of The Lord of the Rings, the James Bond series, Jurassic ParkToy StoryHarry PotterStar Wars, or your favorite Disney movies can last an entire day or longer.
  4. Have a Sleepover for the Kids – If anyone is going to experience cabin fever, it’s your children. Coordinate with other parents to have a sleepover either at your house or theirs (road conditions permitting for safe transportation of course), and let your kids spend lots of quality time with their friends. This can make a weekend fly by and take pressure off of you to entertain them.
  5. Cook Up Something Good – Great food and a warm kitchen can easily melt away the harsh cold of winter or a delayed thaw of spring; so take time to cook something delicious during your days indoors. Is there a recipe you have been meaning to try or a craving you have not been able to satisfy? Cook it for yourself and your loved ones now since you can have as much time as needed.
  6. Embrace a Hobby – If there is nowhere to go, you’ll have all the time in the world to pick up a hobby and devote hours and hours to it. Half-finished knitting or woodworking projects may be lying around the house, just waiting for you to pick them back up. Now is your chance.
  7. Winter Arts and Crafts – Don’t ignore the signs of winter that are all around. Instead, embrace the season with arts and crafts. Use the snow outside to make ice cream, create a bird feeder out of pine cones, use food coloring and a spray bottle to decorate the snow outside, and make winter fun again. Try drizzling watered down maple syrup in the snow to create your own snow maple candy!!!
  8. Donate or Work in Charity – Winter and spring are often the most difficult seasons for the less fortunate. If you can travel safely, volunteer at soup kitchens, food banks, or other local outreaches. If staying home, it is a perfect time to go through closets and consider donating food or unused clothes.

Have any other time-tested tips for dealing with winter? Let us know! And if you were injured while walking outside, or while driving on an icy road, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Blume Forte today.

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