2 Injured When Gas Tanks Explode in New Jersey Worker’s Car

Two men were injured in a gas tank explosion after completing refrigeration work at a Jersey City Heights, New Jersey deli. According to a report posted on NJ.com, a 40-year-old worker and a 52-year-old man who was walking past the vehicle were both taken to nearby hospitals for serious injuries sustained in the blast.

What caused the blast? Investigators are currently unsure but believe at least one of the three gas tanks involved in the explosion may have been leaking. The worker was loading items, including pressurized tanks, into his vehicle’s trunk when the tanks exploded. The contents of the tanks are unknown at this time, but investigators revealed that one may have had an attached blowtorch nozzle.

The worker suffered blast injuries to the chest and head and was treated at the Jersey Medical Center. The pedestrian had an elbow injury and minor trauma to his face.

New Jersey compressed gas accidents such as this one can cause serious injuries, debilitating a person from work for a lengthy period of time or permanently. The trauma caused by an explosion’s effect, including burns, and other injuries can lead to death or disability.

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