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New Jersey Nurse Accused of Reusing Syringes on Dozens

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on October 22, 2015

New Jersey Nurse MalpracticeThe New Jersey Department of Health and the West Windsor Township Health Department are investigating an incident of reused syringes at an area clinic.  Over 60 different people are thought to be in danger.

The nursing malpractice incident began September 30th of this year at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. According to a Washington Post report, a nurse contracted by health care provider Total Wellness “failed to follow proper medical procedures and safeguards” by reusing the same syringe on dozens of people getting a flu vaccine. Once the error was discovered, Total Wellness began working with the Department of Health. Total Wellness’ president said, “Our sincerest apologies go out to all those affected by this terrible event.” Read the rest »

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New Jersey Laundry Company Penalized For Safety Violations

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on October 20, 2015

Cleaning Company Safety ViolationsIn November of 2011 a 24-year old man had just begun his nightly shift at the Prestige Laundry Company when the line he was working on broke down. A conveyor-belt like device, known as a shuttle, stopped moving dirty towels and was backing up production. To get things moving, the young man climbed into the machine and attempted to repair it. Tragically, the machine restarted while he was still inside and he was crushed to death. Shortly after, the Occupational Safety And Hazard Administration (OSHA) began an investigation. Prestige has been put on notice. Read the rest »

New Pregnancy Test Helps Women with Lupus

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on October 19, 2015

Pregnancy RisksLupus is a disease which can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. Depending upon the symptomology exhibited, it may take up to a decade for someone living with Lupus to receive a proper diagnosis. Even then, symptoms can differ over the time, and sometimes a patient may be symptom free for long periods of time. Nevertheless, this disease may cause a host of debilitating health issues. Read the rest »

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Falling Debris From Trump Tower Injures Police Officer

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on October 9, 2015

Building InjuryA Jersey City, New Jersey police officer was hospitalized at Jersey City Medical Center after being struck by a piece of falling concrete. As reported by, the accident happened near Greene Street in Jersey City, New Jersey early in October of 2015.

The officer was patrolling the site of the new Trump Bay Street Tower when a cinder block fell from the 31st floor and struck him in the torso. Investigators believe workers were cutting concrete blocks and stacking them when one block accidentally fell to the street below. The area was locked down while the Office of Emergency Management and the New Jersey Transit police investigated the incident. Read the rest »

Tips for New Jersey Cold Weather Driving

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on September 30, 2015

Bad Weather DrivingFall is here and Winter is around the corner. New Jersey is one of the states that experiences the weather of all four seasons. The differing weather, from one season to another, affects our daily lives (health, employment, vehicle condition, and even the heating and cooling costs for our homes). During periods of inclement Fall and Winter weather we should be cognizant of the demands made upon our vehicles, as well as of the precautions we should take to operate our vehicles in a safe manner. Read the rest »

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New Jersey End of Summer Roofing Safety

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on September 13, 2015

New Jersey Roofing AccidentsAs summer draws to a close in New Jersey and the Northeast, blazing temperatures will give way to milder conditions, giving contractors and construction crews an easier environment in which to work, especially roofing crews. The first few months of autumn, just before day light savings time in November, provide a perfect window of very little bad weather and cool temperatures in which to work. In addition, may home owners, realizing winter is just around the corner and their roof is not up to the challenge, rush to get their house ready for the season. Read the rest »

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Employees Forced to Endure Violence at Local New Jersey Hospital

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on September 5, 2015

Work InjuryThe largest privately owned nursing facility in New Jersey has come under fire for failing to protect its workers from some of its more violent patients. From February through June of this year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recorded eight incidents at Bergen Regional Hospital in which nurses working in the facility were exposed to especially violent patients. As initially reported by, the employees who had filed complaints earlier were bruised, cut and threatened by residents under their care. In some situations employees were locked in patient’s rooms, bitten, punched and exposed to blood-borne pathogens. As a result OSHA cited the hospital on August 18 in over $13,000 in fines for failing to adequately protect their staff. Read the rest »

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System Wide Alerts Create a Reduction in Cancer Diagnosis Delays

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on August 27, 2015

Cancer ResearchA new report published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology focuses on the benefits of electronic triggers designed to spot certain “cancer flags” or risk factors for cancer noted in patient data. These triggers, guided by algorithms within an electronic health records system, are able to alert healthcare providers of potentially problematic issues which might cause delays in follow-ups with potentially at-risk patients. Read the rest »

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Study – New Nurses at Greater Risk For Work Injury

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on August 18, 2015

New Jersey Nurses Injured on the Job

Recent findings published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies show that registered nurses (RNs) who have recently entered the workforce have a significantly higher risk of workplace injury during the overnight and overtime shifts.

The report states that RNs have over a 60% higher chance of being injured on the job during overtime hours. While the odds are lower during graveyard shifts (44%), this is still a major challenge for hospitals and medical institutions. Of the 1,744 nurses that took part in the study, nearly 80% of them worked half-day shifts, accepted overtime 60% of the time and nearly half worked overnight. Read the rest »

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Putting The Online Diagnosis in Perspective

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on August 2, 2015

New Jersey Medical Error Attorney

We’ve all looked up medical information on the internet.  Whatever the symptoms, people often take to their computer and begin what is often a futile and possibly dangerous attempt at diagnosing conditions from which they, friends or family members suffer.  In many cases, the information gathered is entirely off point, inaccurate or misunderstood by the web surfer; and may precipitate unnecessary action or dangerous inaction on the part of the patient.  A new study published in the British Medical Journal stated that self-diagnosis via the internet can be at best a waste of time and money, and at worst may endanger lives. Read the rest »

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