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DNA Rings May Hold the Key to Early Cancer Detection

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on February 26, 2015

NJ Malpractice AttorneysScientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have stated that in the future cancer cells in their infancy or earliest stages may be detected with a simple blood test.  The research at Stanford focused on using customized DNA, and forcing cancer cells in mice to produce a substance that marks the cell, making it more easily identifiable in a blood sample.  This research could ultimately result in a diagnostic testing process whereby one could diagnose cancer before it progresses beyond Stage 1 (its earliest stage, where spread of the disease is typically negligible and a patient’s prognosis is usually excellent).

This research is in no way new. Scientists and doctors have been using naturally occurring biomarkers to diagnose and treat patients for years.  However, this research is different in that it causes a cell to actually create a “biomarker” which would not otherwise naturally occur.  These new biomarkers are easily identifiable compared to those which otherwise occur in cancer cells. Read the rest »

Common Misdiagnosis among Women: Heart Disease

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on February 18, 2015

Medical MisdiagnosisFebruary is “American Heart Month”, and as such, it is the perfect time for Americans of all ages to learn more about how to take care of their hearts year round.

According to Million Hearts, a national initiative launched by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans.  It is a widely held misconception that heart disease primarily affects males.  However, since 1994, more women have died from heart disease and its related conditions than men;  roughly one in four women annually. Read the rest »

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NJ Anheuser-Busch Distributor Fined $162,500 for OSHA Violations

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on February 12, 2015

Representatives from Anheuser-Busch in Jersey City, New Jersey, stated the company it will fight the $162,500 safety violation citations it received from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in December of 2014 surrounding hazards at their Jersey City distribution warehouse.  The distributor claims that OSHA’s alleged findings are unsubstantiated, and have filed a Notice of Contest with the organization.

According to OSHA, the warehouse facility was targeted for inspection following a high injury and illness rate. During a June 2014 investigation, OSHA determined that workers were exposed to multiple safety hazards, such as defective trucks, blocked exit routes and damaged storage racks. Additionally, investigators found that many of the industrial truck operators were not properly trained and there was a lack of communication regarding chemical exposure hazards. Read the rest »

Women Warned about Risks of Birth Defects from Opioid Painkillers

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on February 5, 2015

Birth Defect AttorneysAccording to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioid painkillers double the risk of birth defects in pregnant women – an alarming fact considering that more and more women, ages 15 to 44, are being prescribed narcotic painkillers in the United States.

In a recent study, the CDC found that roughly 39 percent of pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid and 28 percent of those enrolled in private insurance were prescribed opioids despite the well-known risks to the developing fetus.

Opioid painkillers, such as codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone, are prescribed to treat moderate to acute pain.  However, due to their highly addictive properties, the development of a physical dependence on opioids is a common issue, and well known to healthcare providers. Read the rest »

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New Jersey Garbage Truck Worker Killed by Company Vehicle

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on January 29, 2015

A 53-year-old garbage truck worker from Paterson, NJ died recently after he was struck by the vehicle on which he was working.  A fellow employee called the Franklin Lakes, New Jersey Police Department to report the incident, stating that he “struck one of the members of his crew” when he was backing up the truck. Police officers arrived at the scene to find the worker under the garbage truck. The worker was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The driver of the truck received a summons for careless driving, and Gaeta Recycling Co. Inc, the garbage truck company, received summonses for failing to maintain the truck’s lights.  According to the police, the incident seemed to be accidental, and the vehicle violations are not contributory; however, the circumstances of this truck accident are still under investigation. Read the rest »

January Is Cervical Health Awareness Month

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on January 22, 2015

According to the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that approximately 13,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2015, and about 4,000 of those women will succumb to the disease.  In order to promote cervical cancer awareness and  prevention, the National Cervical Cancer Coalition and the American Social Health Association have designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month.

Fortunately, due to cancer research and better testing and treatment,  great strides have been made over the past 30 years, with the average number of cervical cancer related deaths declining by at least 50 percent.  This decrease in mortality is largely due to regular screening resulting in early detection, and vaccinations against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), now known to be a precursor to cervical changes that ultimately can result in a proliferation of cancer cells. Read the rest »

First Responders Seek Compensation for Toxic Exposure

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on January 15, 2015

Sixteen first responders recently filed a lawsuit surrounding various health conditions suffered after they responded to a train derailment and toxic spill that occurred in Paulsboro, NJ in 2012.  The responders claim that the rail company failed to properly train railroad workers to prevent accidents of this nature from occurring and that local emergency response officials/entities or agencies failed to provide necessary respiratory protection to rescue and response crews.

The 82-car freight train derailed when crossing the East Jefferson Street Bridge in Paulsboro. It was carrying roughly 20,000 gallons of toxic vinyl chloride used for making PVC plastic. Exposure to the highly flammable gas is known to cause damage to the central nervous system, liver, and kidneys when inhaled.  Long-term exposure has also been linked to liver cancer. Read the rest »

Was My Newborn A Victim of Medical Malpractice?

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on January 7, 2015

NJ Birth Injury LawyerNewborns are particularly vulnerable to injury during and after the birthing process, so it is important and required by the standards of care that doctors and medical staff take considerable precautions to ensure that a child’s well-being is protected.  If a complication occurs, such as a breech birth or inadequate uterine contractions, healthcare providers are responsible for proceeding accordingly to protect the child and mother from harm.

If your newborn was injured during childbirth, it may be due to shortcomings in your care prior to and during delivery.  During the post-birth neonatal period, a newborn may also be seriously injured as a result of negligent care. Read the rest »

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DuPont Chambers Works Fined for Safety Violations

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on December 22, 2014

In May 2014, a complaint was filed after hazardous chemicals leaked out of a DuPont tanker truck. Workers at the facility were exposed to the chemicals. Following this incident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) decided to conduct an investigation. According to a news report in The South Jersey Times, OSHA has cited DuPont Chambers Works for 11 safety and health violations at their New Jersey location. The proposed penalties include $120,300. in fines.

Investigators found that the chemicals used at the New Jersey plant are “corrosive and volatile.” OSHA investigators also stated that this particular facility stores and utilizes on premises toxic, corrosive, explosive, and flammable liquids. This means that workers are at risk of toxic exposure and even burn injuries. Read the rest »

Cerebral Ischemia at Birth

By Blume Donnelly Fried Forte Zerres & Molinari on December 17, 2014

The health of all cells in the body is affected by the amount of blood flow to that area of the body where the cell is located. Less blood flow to an organ generally equates to less oxygen supply to the cells of that organ. When there is a lack of “perfusion” (or blood flow) to the brain, it can result in the death of cells, also known as ischemia. If the brain tissue ischemia or death of cells in the brain is significant enough, it can result in a brain injury manifested by various neurological conditions. This cell and brain damage can result in a short period of time, especially in the fragile brain of a child during labor and delivery… or the brain of a newborn.

The injuries that can result from cerebral ischemia depend on a number of factors, including how many cells die and how long the brain tissue was deprived of oxygen (anoxia), or had a diminished supply of oxygen (hypoxia). Cerebral ischemia and its associated brain injuries may result in cerebral palsy, developmental delays, vision impairment, mental retardation, cognitive loss, hearing loss, seizure disorders, and even death. Read the rest »

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