$300,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Disrepair

  • Date: Summer 2010
  • Attorney: David M. Fried
  • Settlement: $300,000
  • Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accident, Failure to Properly Maintain or Repair Vehicle

David Fried represented a 45 year old man who was struck by the driver side door of his truck when he left the vehicle in park to load materials into it, and the transmission slipped. The truck had been retrofit with a hydraulic man lift, which necessitated removal of the transmission bolts. These bolts were not properly reinstalled, resulting in the transmission slippage. He exacerbated a prior back injury, and has been unable to work since approximately 1 year after the accident. Unfortunately, our client did not seek medical attention for several months after the accident, and his doctors would not attribute much of his disability to the accident. Despite these significant issues, Mr. Fried was able to settle this matter for $300,000.

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