$300,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident - Wrongful Death

  • Date: Fall 2009
  • Attorney: John E. Molinari
  • Settlement: $300,000
  • Practice Areas: Motor Vehicle Accident, Wrongful Death

John Molinari represented the estate and family of a woman in this wrongful death claim. The woman was a passenger in her husband's vehicle that was stopped for a red light and struck in the rear on Route 23 in Wayne, New Jersey. The decedent, age 66 and retired at the time of the accident, sustained a cerebral concussion, brain hemorrhage and multiple blunt force trauma, and died without any proof of conscious pain and suffering. The defendant claimed that he suffered from a diabetic emergency at the time of the accident and was therefore not negligent in operating his vehicle. John was able to secure a settlement in this case for the full extent of the insurance coverage available.

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