Several Workers Injured in Fatal New Jersey Explosion

By Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari on March 14, 2014

On March 4, 2014, contractors struck a gas line while working in a New Jersey neighborhood, which caused a powerful explosion that took the life of a local woman. According to a CBS news report, the fatal explosion occurred in Ewing Township in Mercer County, New Jersey. Officials say they were unable to immediately identify the female victim because of the condition of her body. At least seven workers were injured, including five who suffered serious injuries including head trauma and multiple bone fractures. Doors and windows were blown off surrounding homes, and people as far as 50 feet away were blown off their feet due to the intensity of the explosion. The fire destroyed at least 10 homes and occupants of 55 other units were displaced from their properties.

Local officials stated that a worker “called in” to report that he “struck something” while working shortly before the blast. The fire destroyed at least 10 homes and occupants of 55 other units were displaced from their properties. Approval from inspectors for residents to move back is pending.

It is important whenever there is a serious fire or explosion, to determine its cause and how it could have been prevented.

In cases where explosions or fires involve negligence, financial compensation may be pursued for the victims. Surviving victims of fires and explosions may seek monetary support for their injuries and economic losses.

Injured workers can seek compensation for losses by filing a workers’ compensation claims through their employer; and may be able to file additional claims against careless and negligent “third parties”. Workers’ compensation benefits usually cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages.

An experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney can help injured victims and their families with their potential claims.

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