Seeking Legal Help After a New Jersey Bus Accidents

By Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari on February 24, 2017

bus-accidentIn New Jersey, many commuters, residents, schoolchildren, and tourists rely on buses to transport them on a daily basis, and every passenger is putting their trust in the driver and the integrity of the bus company’s vehicles to get them to their destination safely.

The risks of suffering serious injuries in a bus accident are increased for a number of reasons. Bus passengers will not typically have the protection of seatbelts or airbags as one would in a car, and the probability of getting “thrown around” during a collision is much higher. In addition, the size and weight of a bus profoundly affects the potential for injury to a pedestrian or the occupants of a smaller vehicle.

Reasons to Hire a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

When bus accidents do happen, it’s important to understand that they are handled much differently than a collision between two passenger cars. Bus companies, government entities and their multiple insurance carriers may be involved. The bus company, state and/or municipality and their respective insurance carriers will have teams of skilled investigators and adjustors on their side. It is therefore integral to the proper pursuit of these claims that an injured person retains qualified and experienced legal counsel to properly investigate the potential claim and appropriately communicate with the defendants, their attorneys and insurance companies.

What Not to Do Following a Bus Accident

Because of the complexity of bus accident cases, it’s best to allow your personal injury attorney to manage all communication with the other parties’ insurance carriers. Never:

  • Speak with an insurance company before consulting a lawyer
  • Sign documents of any kind sent by an insurance company without showing them to your lawyer first
  • Allow an insurance company to record your statement

Get Help From a New Jersey’s Bus Accident Attorney

Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari has handled voluminous claims against bus companies and other defendants culpable in these types of claims. Contact us at (973) 635-5400 to schedule a consultation.

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