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Understanding Surgical Negligence and Malpractice

When we undergo a surgical procedure, we expect the surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and post-surgical care teams, as well as the medical facility where the procedure is performed to render care in compliance with the "standards of care" as required within the medical profession. We also expect our healthcare providers to be adequately trained and prepared to treat patients accordingly. Unfortunately, despite our justified expectations, preventable errors do occur quite frequently. Those errors may result in significant injuries to a patient, or death, and may be the basis for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Intra-operative errors may cause organ damage, muscle damage, or nerve injuries resulting in a host of permanent conditions and the need for further, prolonged and expensive treatment. These injuries may render a person unemployable and permanently disabled, or may result in death. Intraoperative anesthesia errors may result in brain, heart and nerve damage.

Similarly, proper post-operative care is necessary to ensure that a patient does not suffer from infections, post-Op bleeds etc., which may also result in serious injuries or death if not timely and properly addressed.

Informed Consent

Before your surgery, your healthcare providers should help you understand information about your procedure. Topics, including the risk of various complications, should be discussed, and healthcare providers should provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and/or voice concerns that you may have. You should be provided information with regard to any alternative modes of treatment, its risks and benefits, so you can make an informed decision as to the course of your care. If your child is the surgical patient, you have a right to know information regarding the procedure and any relevant pre and post-operative test results. Absent some dire emergency situations, physicians may not make any medical decisions regarding your child without consulting you first, and the standards of care require that they provide adequate and timely information to the parents and/or guardians of minors, so the best course of treatment is implemented.

Clearance for Surgery

Preoperative testing is an integral part of the "surgical process". This testing may not only serve to clarify the medical issues which need to be addressed, but also act as a mechanism through which healthcare providers "clear" you for surgery as a good candidate. It also affords the option of advising surgeons and anesthesiologists with information relative to potential problems or issues they need to be cognizant of or on the watch for. A failure to adequately perform or recognize the significance of the results of preoperative testing is a departure from the standards of care, and may result in significant injuries.

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Injuries resulting from pre, post, and intraoperative treatment may be a result of medical negligence. The New Jersey law firm of Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari has the knowledge and experience to determine if your treatment has been performed properly and if you can file a claim for damages stemming from your injuries and related losses (lost wages/disability, costs of care, quality of life issues etc.). Please contact our New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys for a no-cost evaluation of your potential claim; (973) 635-5400.

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