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Representation for Victims of Injuries Caused by Hazardous Tools and Machinery

Tools and machines used in home, industrial or business settings (including at construction sites) may cause severe injuries if they are not fit for the purpose intended. Deficiencies and/or defects in design, manufacturing, distribution, or, in the instructions provided with regard to these products' use may result in injury.

Manufacturers of products including drills, power saws, air compressors, ladders and printing presses, must ensure that the public is sufficiently protected from being injured. A failure to properly protect a product's end user from harm, or, a failure to properly warn of potential dangers of a product may constitute product liability.

Employers that utilize potentially harmful products must also meet various industry standards to ensure that their employees and the general public are adequately protected from obviously dangerous products, and, must make sure that all safeguards on machines and tools are maintained in proper working order, and, that the tools and machines are utilized in the correct manner.

Blume Forte Attorneys have experience in handling New Jersey product liability cases. We can determine if injuries were due to a product being potentially hazardous, whether there was inadequate protection against those hazards, or, if the injuries were caused by other deficiencies in the design, manufacture, distribution, and/or instruction or information provided to the user of the product.

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